Manhood Is Not A Crime

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Three Tenets of the Redpill Manifesto

Put Yourself First

This generation has been raised by and large by well-meaning single mothers who did the best they could within their frame of reference. You were taught to sacrifice yourself physically and mentally for women and never told that was slavery. As a Redpill, you vow to put yourself first and the rest will follow. You are not a slave, you are free.

Pride in Manhood

Every day you are bombarded with messages that you have somehow committed a crime just by being born male. You are told to “check your privilege” by a society that literally protects every other segment other than you. You were born a man and you are proud of that. You reject all other nonsense society suggests.

Be Self-Actualized

Whatever you desire in life, do whatever is necessary to achieve it. Do not sacrifice your dreams or ideas for anyone. Be the person you imagine you can be and apologize to no one for for it. Become a man who has created himself, for in that act of self-actualization is the power of a god. You are who you choose to be, and ask permission from no one.